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Woven Weed Mat – the Ground Cover Weed Control Fabric


Weed mat, also known as landscape fabric or weed control fabric, is a porous material used to suppress garden weeds by blocking sunlight and creating a barrier. TAIMEI PP Woven Weed Control Fabirc manufactured from long lasting UV stabilised polypropylene. Superior woven strength and resistance to tearing. Requires securing with weedmat pins. Used in situations where strength is an issue. Good in situations where pedestrian access is likely.



The use of landscaping fabrics has become extremely popular in recent years for many reasons:

1Leisure time is maximised – the need for weeding and on-going maintenance is minimised
2. Environmentally friendly – no need for chemical based weed killers
3. Promotes healthier plants – it allows the soil to breath and water to permeate


We offer different types of weed control fabrics to suit all applications and budgets.
1. Available in a range of sizes & materials to suit various applications from small to large landscaping projects, in both commercial and domestic situations.
2. All our landscape fabrics are UV stabilised
3. Ideal for use under paths, patios, decking, paving, bark mulch, gravel etc.



ProductGround Cover / Weed Mat
Material100% Polypropylene, with or without uv
Anti-UV Ratecan be customized(1%—4%)
Width30cm ~520cm
Length50M, 100M, 200M, as per request
Weight70gsm ~150gsm, as per request
Mesh Size7×7 8×8 9×9 10×10 11×11 12×12 14×14
Common Size1 x10m, 1x 15m, 1x 50m;
2 x10m, 2 x15m, 2x 50m;
1 x 100m, 1x 200m;
1.5 x 100m, 1.5 x 200m
ColorBlack, Green are common color, any other color is available
PackingPack in rolls with card tube in center and be wraped in PE or as customer need

Production Flow



1. Weed block for landscaped garden beds
2. Permeable liners for planters (stops soil erosion)
3. Weed control under wooden decking
4. Geotextile for separating aggregate / soils under walkway blocks or bricks
5. Assists in preventing paving from settling unevenly
6. Landscape fabric prevents soil erosion


Packaging & Shipping

Pack in rolls with card tube in center and be wraped in PE or as customer need.


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